Attending camp at age 9 shortly after the original lodge had burned. Only 2 residential wings had been built. Meals were at pool camp. My dad and our church friends had helped clear the land for the original lodge. That week I learned about the love of Jesus for all people, made camp friends, heard stories about the cross on the mountaintop, and began a faith journey at the camp I love.

Second story is attending a winter youth assembly where the theme was “As we believe, so we live.” The speakers were a white pastor and a black pastor: Bill Miles and Charles Hutchinson. Their theme was racial reconciliation, unity in Christ and what is the body of Christ. For the first time as a follower of Jesus, I saw that the church was to be inclusive, multi-cultural and a safe place of grace for all. This changed my worldview and has shaped my life and ministry ever since.

Home church Until ordination:  Woodlawn UMC, Bham (1958-1981)

Now:  Sr. Pastor of Riverchase UMC, Hoover

Attended summer camp sessions 1966 - 1971

Camp counselor @ Pool Camp, 1978 - 1982


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