Being from another state and Annual Conference, I didn’t have the good fortune of growing up going to Camp Sumatanga. My first experience was in college, taking a group from my church where I worked as a Youth Director. I was soon folded into the counsellor/team/speaker loop and, in short, I was hooked. I had a great childhood and youth, but Camp provided the most encouraging, creative, theologically grounded environment I’d ever experienced. The people were real people who genuinely cared about each camper, counselor and resource person. And God?…well, God showed up—through the music and games and morning sessions and small groups and free times and vespers and evening programs. Maybe best of all, Camp brought out the best in me as, I would imagine, it did in most. I can’t think of a more worthy investment in the future of Christ’s Church and God’s world—I can’t think of a more needed resource in our current social environment--than Camp Sumatanga. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

I currently serve as pastor of The Church at Cahaba Bend.   

My primary years of involvement were from 1978-2000 when I served as a volunteer counselor, small group leader, workshop leader, morning speaker, and theme song writer.


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