I love Sumatanga, and I bet you do too. I have been associated with Sumatanga as a camper, as a volunteer counselor, as a staff boy, a workman, permanent staff, and as a volunteer fund raiser. In short, Sumatanga is a place of great importance in my life. Camp Sumatanga was, and is, a place of acceptance. The people associated with this wonderful place and our Lord meet you there and immediately love and accept you for who you are without reservation.

Sumatanga gave me a place to feel safe. Without going too deep into the details, I was an abused child and have had to be sewed up and had to wear casts from beatings I received at the hand of a step-father, not to mention the constant harassment of being told that I did not measure up or even count. Sumatanga gave me a place to be safe and to be surrounded by people who loved me unconditionally.

I have met many people at Camp that are still friends today. I met my wife at Sumatanga, and I have always experienced the love of Christ at this place I revere.

I had the pleasure of working on Bert Goodwin’s staff for several years. Brother Bert always called me “Cain”, and I have great respect for him as he taught me what it was to be Christian man. He taught me it was ok to be tough and to talk plainly, but the most important thing was to take care of each other. Bert told me and other staff boys that we were there so that others could come to this holy ground and experience God’s Great Outdoors.

I have been lucky to be a part of this incredible place for about fifty years, and I thank God that He allowed me to attend and work at Camp Sumatanga.

I ask you to consider giving to Camp as it is a worthy our investment for future generations.


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