Camp Sumatanga has been an important part of my faith DNA. I grew up in Lake Highlands Methodist Church in the East Lake section of Birmingham. This was the church home of Judge E. M. Creel, who served on the Commission that established the camp. Every time I visit Creel Chapel, I think about my faith heritage and the spiritual experiences of the camp. I think about the many retreats, events and camps that I participated in as a youth, youth worker, Diaconal Minister and Ordained Deacon from churches such as Tuscumbia, Gardendale Mt Vernon, Huffman and Asbury-Birmingham.  There were youth retreats, family retreats, music camps, UWW Mission camps, Behold Weekends in Hutto, worship in the Pool Camp, Folk Festivals, conference youth weekends, summer camps, annual conference events and so much more. It was the place where I nurtured a relationship with Cathy Comer, a Nina Reeves assistant, who later became the love of my life and my partner for over 40 years of ministry.  Our children who are now in thirties were recipients of the wonderful spiritual benefits of the camp. My spiritual journey was established and sustained through walks around the lake, hiking up to the cross, prayers at the Nina Reeves Chapel, reflection at Vespers Point, late night talks by the fireplace or at a bonfire and in countless other ways. Truly Camp Sumatanga is my Holy Ground. The Lord has done great things for me at Camp Sumatanga and I rejoice in it!

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