I struggle to share just one story so I will share the wonderful story of 26 years of directing Elementary Camp 3 at Sumatanga.  Over those years, I met the most wonderful young people and watched as they grew in faith and in love.  I was blessed to work with Co-Directors like W.G. Henry, Thomas Johnston, Jeff Bailey, Tex Ergle, and with so many great Program Directors and Counselors. And we could never have done it without the help of the Summer Staff.  We became lifelong friends. I am also indebted to the leaders of the Camping programs: Hugh Barber, Larry Parton, and Jim Robertson.  We would gather and spend a week seeking the face of God in the Scripture, in the beauty of Camp, and in the faces of each other.  I cannot begin to describe the joy we had and the grace God gave to us to be “with” so many kids.

I was able to make solid a decision to seek ministry with the help of Rev. Jordan Grooms at Camp during a Spiritual Life Advance weekend. Like most youth Nina and her staff blessed me as a young person, and as we worked together for so many years. 

I could tell so many tales, but it is best to simply say:  Camp Sumatanga is a cherished and Holy place in my life.  I thank God for all his wonderful gifts there.


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