I’ve got a pretty sweet United Methodist resume.  Baptized at FUMC Birmingham in ‘74. Nurtured at Florence FUMC through ‘92.  BSC grad in ’96 and United Methodist seminary grad in 2000.  Worked or volunteered in United Methodist churches in New Jersey and Minnesota before joining the Trinity UMC Homewood staff in ’14 as a Director of Children & Family Ministries.All of these institutions have blessed me richly, but my most profound spiritual experiences that awakened my call to be a committed disciple of Christ emerged from my time at Camp Sumatanga.  At Camp, faith mentors challenged me to imagine how being a disciple of Christ would change my life.  At Camp, I met people who were wildly different from me and learned to appreciate how God was working in their life as well as mine.  At Camp, we connected with God’s creation and unplugged from the pressures of our everyday lives.  At Camp, I learned that in response to God’s grace unfolding in my life, that I was called to be an agent of change and love in the world. Now I get to bear witness to how Sumatanga continues to form disciples as my own children have become campers.  Thanks be to God for this holy place and its continued influence in our lives!


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