Camp Sumatanga was the site of my first "marriage."  After a long hike up Chandler Mountain with my very own group of campers, I was convinced to "wed" another elementary camp counselor, in a pretend ceremony at the Chapel.  Funnily enough, Camp Sumatanga was the place in which my real-life love story was written.  I met my now-husband Paul during my freshman year of college at Birmingham-Southern, but I grew to know him as we served at numerous Chrysalis retreats at Sumatanga.  We stayed up late talking every night, flirting every chance we got. And when the time came for him to propose, he even chose the front porch swing of the Lodge to ask me that life-changing question.  And wouldn't you know that my first Camp "husband" turned out to be a groomsman in my real wedding?! You gotta love the Sumatanga love connections!


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