“There is something about the power of love that allows us to remember.”

                                                                                                     Rev. Mikah Hudson

 One of the constants at Sumatanga youth summer camps since the early 1970’s has been the late evening ritual of singing along to a recorded song in the dark, as the words are projected on a large screen.  For many years these “song slides” were 35mm slides in a slide projector, until computers and data projectors took over the task.  In almost every case, the artwork that is used to present the lyrics is as important to the experience as the music itself.   One of my favorite “song slide” songs has always been John Denver’s lively rendition of “Love is Everywhere.”  The artwork for these slides was by Walter “Deacon” Jones; a fact that certainly contributed to it being one of my favorites.  Below is the slide for first line of the chorus.  

Somewhere along my journey, I realized that whether I was experiencing, or remembering, when it came to Sumatanga, love was indeed “everywhere.”   For me and for a host of others, every experience and every memory was enabled and empowered by love: God’s love for me, my sisters, brothers, and friends;  God’s love for all of creation; the love and acceptance so many have shared and felt on Sumatanga’s grounds; love discovered for neighbors – near, far, and different.   Ultimately this is the essence of Sumatanga - love is everywhere you look.  I believe that this is true because Sumatanga is, without a doubt, one of those “thin places” where we are allowed to experience the presence of God, and therefore the love of God, in a way that is sometimes so difficult in other places.  At Sumatanga, no matter where you look, or what you are looking at, God’s love breaks through.

On behalf of the Editorial Team, we hope that when you read the reflections and see the images collected here, you will see love on every page, and be empowered to remember.

Mark “Bruno” Hughes


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