From being a fragrant, itchy Junior High camper, to tripping to learn Nina’s folk dances and delighted to hear her stories, to Senior High and Officers camps, to a series of hands held around the Chigger Bowl on the last night of camp, to listening to camp speakers and feeling the call to ministry. Add along the way, our local church youth group getting put on probation for too many water-balloons…being a youth director, then young pastor speaking for retreats...  Like a proud grandparent showing you too many pictures of their grandkids, I could go on and on. Don’t get me started about Cabinet meetings around the long table making pastoral appointments in the retreat center. So I will mercifully stop to explain why I posted Dianne and my wedding picture on the site… My best Sumatanga story…my best Sumatanga day was at the mountain top chapel when she ‘officially’ said ‘yes’.


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